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I made this page to encourage everyone to read.  Books can take you anywhere, in the space of a few hours and without actually leaving your home.  Some of my favorite books when I was growing up were:
the Anne of Green Gables series-This is a wonderful series about an orphan named Anne (with an E, please) coming of age and eventually getting married
and having her own children.  I recommend it to any young girl.  I even still like reading these books.  They are by L.M. Montgomery who was a Canadian writer.
the Little House on the Prairie series-another series about a young girl coming of age and about her family...this one is set in the Midwest and is autobiographical.  It was written by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Of course there was also a show made out of this series starring Michael Landon and Melissa Gilbert.
Finally, Little Women-this book is about 4 sisters in the US during the Civil War.  The main characters are Jo (a tomboy and the next-to-oldest), Meg (very ladylike, the oldest), Beth (very quiet, the next-to-youngest and a tragic figure in the book), and Amy (the youngest, an artist.)  I also love the movie made out of this starring Winona Ryder as Jo.