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Welcome to my journal.  I want to get my thoughts out and share them with people who won't judge me for them so please don't judge me.

Today started with me trying to do the Excel part of my Business Mathematics test.  It would have been a lot easier if the bookstore had sold me the right book but as it was, I had to figure out everything by myself.  Oh well, I felt really good when I did figure it out.  I left for work at about 10 this morning.  My
husband  drives me since I don't have a driver's license (although I do have a car LOL.)  Suddenly he said "Oh My God!"  It turned out that a shoe store that is in our neighborhood and is THE shoe store in Richmond had started burning at about 9 last night and had been totally destroyed.  It was still smoldering when we passed it and there were two fire trucks, two police cars, and a fire investigation unit there along with the fire chief's car.  That was the highlight of my day until a few minutes ago.  I just found out that my husband and myself won a trip to Florida to be taken in the next 18 months that will cost only $199/person for 10 days (3 in Daytona Beach, 3 in Orlando, and 4 in the Bahamas.)  That should be a lot of fun and I can't wait to do it.  I'm already going to Orlando with my husband and my 4-year-old daughter Jessica  in April (April 28th-May 2.)  I'll be there on my 25th birthday.  It should be my best birthday ever :)  Oh my God, I just heard Dale Earnhardt died and even though I'm a Wally Dallenbach fan and not even that big of a racing fan, I'm in shock right now.

Snow...we've got snow.  We have about 4 inches of it, which since I'm from Colorado doesn't seem like a whole lot but it's enough that people forget how to drive.  My mom saw one accident today and my husband has seen 6 or so.  I don't think they were serious accidents, though.  There have only been two serious accidents in Richmond so far today.

I'm worried about my uncle and hoping he's okay.  Yesterday there was an earthquake in Seattle where he lives.  I haven't heard from him and my parents haven't been able to reach him so far. 
I am happy about my trip to Disney World in April, though.  I have made priority seatings for a lot of the restaurants that I want to eat at.  The only place I haven't gotten so far is Cinderella's Castle for breakfast.  I really want to take my daughter there because I think she'd love it.  The funny thing about making priority seatings was that I made some yesterday and the people that took them were very businesslike about it.  Today, I called for the ones for my birthday and the day after.  The guy who took them asked me out of the blue "any birthdays or anniversaries during your trip?"  I thought that was quite a coincidence.  Maybe I was sending out birthday vibes.  LOL