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I'm going to share some of my beliefs with visitors to my webpage.  I hope they don't disturb me, but I won't try to change you so don't try to change my mind.  I have no problem being friends with people who believe differently than I do so please don't judge me on my beliefs.

First of all, I was raised Roman Catholic and I am definitely a Christian.  I don't go to church as much as some people do but I believe that whether you are in church or whether you are alone, God still hears you and I don't think He really cares where you are when you pray.

I believe in the death penalty in some cases.  I believe that someone who murders a child should be put to death.  I believe that a serial killer should be put to death.  I also believe that anyone who molests a child should be put to death because there is no rehabilitation for these people

I am pro-life in most cases but I am pro-choice when it comes to pregnancy resulting from rape, incest, or in the case of a pregnancy that threatens a woman's life.  I do not believe in killing abortion doctors or bombing abortion clinics.

Finally, I believe that saving the environment is one of the most important things we can do for our children.  They need to be able to view this world the same way we do if not better.  We have a responsibility to them to make sure of this.